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Appealing a Decision From Traffic Court

You have the absolute right to appeal any final decision made in General District Court, but you must act quickly.  After your case has been heard and the judge has made a final decision you have ten days to note your appeal with the clerk.  As part of your appeal, you will receive a new trial in front of a new judge in Circuit Court. 

Once your appeal has been filed the ruling of the General District Court judge and all court costs are erased.  It will be as if you have not yet been to court for the matter.  Your court costs will be higher in Circuit Court and there is no guarantee that you will receive a better outcome.  In some cases the outcome may be worse than it was in General District Court.

Appealing can be a good idea if you happen to forget your court date and the case was tried in your absence.  Also, if you did not hire an attorney to represent you and you feel an attorney may be able to better represent you, an appeal would give you that opportunity for representation.  Sometimes new evidence becomes available that was not available at your original trial.

If you have recently received an unfavorable outcome in traffic court and would like a free consultation to discuss your options please call me at 757-898-4805 or visit today.


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