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The Importance of Being Polite and Cooperative

Being pulled over for speeding is certainly an event that can ruin your day. Don't let it ruin your insurance rates by arguing with the police officer that stopped you.

Never at trial have I heard a police officer say, "Your Honor, after making the stop this gentleman got right in my face and made some great points, I'd like to dismiss the case."

What I do hear at trial all the time is reckless driving and speeding charges being reduced because a driver was polite and cooperative with the officer during the traffic stop.

When you are pulled over, it is important to remain calm and say as little as possible, you won't be able to convince the police officer that you weren't speeding and the more you argue the more memorable you become for all the wrong reasons. Similar to a bad date, you want to be forgotten. Being forgotten means fewer notes taken by the officer and fewer notes by the officer means a case that is not as strong at trial.

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