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The Four Options You Face After Receiving A Speeding Ticket

If you have received a speeding ticket, you are then faced with the question of what to do about it. In dealing with several of these types of cases, it really only boils down to four decisions.

1. Pay The Ticket

Sometimes it may seem easier and quicker to simply pay the ticket off, but I would caution against that route. I understand that it may seem like a mental burden has been immediately lifted, but it may not be the best decision for you or your insurance premiums in the long run.

Paying off your speeding ticket usually will result in the worst possible outcome for you. You never get to explain your case to the judge, never get credit for your good driving record and never get to question the officer that stopped you.

When you pay your ticket off it is removed from the docket and the judge will never even look at your case.

2. Ignore The Ticket

Ignoring a ticket usually ends up with the same result as paying the ticket off. The judge usually will quickly breeze through your case, ask the officer if everything was done properly and if the officer says it was then your case is over.

You aren't there to question the officer or tell your side of the story. The judge will likely find you guilty of the offense, won't look at your driving record and you'll get a letter in the mail telling you what you owe in fines.

Going to court allows you the opportunity to explain yourself, protect your good driving record and question the officer.

3. Fight The Ticket Yourself

Going to court to fight your ticket dramatically improves your chances of receiving a favorable result. Just being there and standing before the judge increases the likelihood of a dismissal or reduction in your case.

Showing the Court that you are taking this matter seriously by making an appearance can go a long way in doing some driving record damage control. However, there may be technical defenses or courtroom procedures that you may not be aware that could have resulted in a dismissal of your case.

4. Hire An Attorney

Not surprisingly, this legal blog will tell you that hiring an attorney to fight your speeding ticket will allow you the best opportunity to have your case reduced or dismissed. Fighting the ticket yourself can allow you to win in situations where the officer doesn't make an appearance or you are relying on your driving record alone to result in a reduction, but there are several other technical defenses that an attorney could be able to assist you with that you may not be aware of.

Attorneys can also appear in court on your behalf without you having to make a court appearance. This can make sense for people that would otherwise have to take off a day of work, travel back from out of state, or if it interrupts travel plans. Don't rearrange your vacation because of a speeding ticket, your family will be furious with you.

Have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled and your end result will be the best possible outcome.

When fighting a speeding ticket it's important to remember that the ticket and fine associated with it is not the only battle that you are fighting. Having your case dismissed can keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low.

If you have recently received a speeding ticket and need legal advice, please give me a call at 757-898-4805 and I would be happy to help.


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