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Are there ways to trick a breathalyzer?

There are many theories about ways to "beat" a breathalyzer test. In this article, we will look at some of the common theories and discuss whether they would work to help you in the future.

1. Sticking a penny under your tongue -

The theory is that copper in the penny will throw off the breathalyzer and result in a favorable reading. This is not true. The copper doesn't affect the reading whatsoever and the law enforcement officer will likely check your mouth to make sure that you don't have anything in there before the test is administered.

2. Breath Fresheners, Mints, and Mouthwash -

These will help cover the odor of alcohol, but won't help with the actual breathalyzer test. In fact, some mouthwash contains alcohol and could give an inflated BAC.

3. Breathalyzers don't work as well on smokers as they do on non-smokers -

The organic compound acetaldehyde occurs at a significantly higher level in the lungs of smokers than in the lungs of non-smokers. Some breathalyzers may be affected by high acetaldehyde levels, however those are usually small, personal use breathalyzers. Breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers would be sensitive enough that the acetaldehyde would not have a significant impact.

4. Hyperventilating and vigorous exercise can reduce your BAC -

It has been found that raising your heart rate can lower your BAC by as much as 10%. That's more of an interesting anecdote than actual helpful advice. If you are in a situation where a breathalyzer test is being administered there probably will not be time for you to take a quick jog around your vehicle without raising a little suspicion.

In conclusion, the easiest and safest way to successfully navigate a breathalyzer test is to drive while not impaired or intoxicated. Don't leave your future in jeopardy by relying on tricks in an attempt to game the system.

If you are in need of help and have recently been charged with a DUI, please call my office today at (757) 898-4805.

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